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Welcome !  ” You Can Grow “

‘Confronted with the vision of a beautiful garden,
we see something beautiful about ourselves…’

Jeff Cox
organic gardening,gardening,garden


Thirty years of gardening experience is a pleasure to pass on. Heading into “retirement” we are narrowing our focus to virtual gardening via information on the website, and a few small gardens around our new Hogan.

Gardening in New Mexico (near El Morro National Monument in Northwestern New Mexico) is a challenging affair with its high altitude (7300′) desert environment, a short growing season, and erratic spring winds and temperatures, requiring a great deal of innovation, and persistence. We are now planting in a clay based soil instead of fine sand, which helps hold water, and with a good layer of mulch, everything is thriving. We have planted four red oak, two native Locust, a flowering cherry, and a few poplar trees to the east and north, just below the southern ridge of Ponderosa pine and bedrock behind our Hogan.

We have built a 4′ x 8′ (32 square feet) raised bed vegetable garden which we call The Greenzbox�, and filled it with sifted compost made from previous years growing for farmers market. We used a method of bio-intensive planting (see Companion and Intensive Planting) which allows plants to be closely spaced with the short plants in the front and the taller ones in the back. We planted lettuce, 4 varieties of chard and kale, spinach, and beets. We have more than we can eat! If your soil is rich and balanced, an amazing amount of food can be grown in a very small area.

A garden this size could easily keep a family of four supplied with lettuce and salad greens from frost to frost. It is covered on all sides with shade cloth to protect from the ultraviolet rays and harsh afternoon sun. The bed is opened on the east side every morning to get warmth from the early sun, and the rest of the shade cloth is left on to protect from the heat of the day. Closing the garden bed at night protects it from nibblers, and helps retain the heat. When the temperatures drop below freezing, we could cover it with plastic, add a 100 watt light bulb, and extend the growing season well into winter. Construction plans for The Greenzbox� will soon be available on our website.
organic gardening,gardening,garden
To keep our cats from eating chipmunks, we stacked rocks 20 inches high to make a platform for the feeders to sit on, leaving spaces between all of the rocks for them to crawl in and out of. It is fun to watch them dart in and out of the rocks stuffing their little cheeks with seed and eating sunflower seeds at the same time. We walk the hillsides and see clumps of sunflowers germinating where a chipmunk planted them for a winter feast, unaware that they would sprout.
organic gardening,gardening,garden
We have built a small goldfish pond with a waterfall that re-circulates the water. The sound of water brings more birds than the seed we feed them. They are constantly drinking water and bathing in the waterfall.
Everything we do or plant is designed to benefit wildlife – birds, frogs and toads, butterflies, bees, and beneficial insects.

We have culinary herbs mixed in with the beds that contain native wildflowers, annuals, and perennials. There are Pinon pines and juniper providing needed shade and fertile soil. Years of pine needles have broken down and made a rich soil for the plants nestled beneath them.

We hope that you enjoy the information within this web site, and we wish you many days of successful organic growing! “You Can Grow!”

Sustainable Organic Gardening

 What is Sustainable Organic Gardening? Soil Building – Lots of basic organic gardening information.
 Companion and Bio-Intensive Planting How to maximize the symbiotic and chemical
relationships between plants.

organic gardening,gardening,garden
Composting for Sustainable Organic Gardening Composting is the ultimate recycling process and the key to sustainability. Improving soil structure, increasing the soil�s ability to hold moisture,
providing soil aeration, fertilization, and nitrogen storage. Compost
buffers pH, releases nutrients, and provides food for microbial life.

 Botany Basics Basic botany, simplified.
 Xeriscape Xeriscaping is landscaping with slow-growing, drought tolerant plants, creating colorful,
beautiful, perennial gardens in which plants are maintained with
water-efficient practices, and heavy mulching.

 Permaculture Principles A diverse, complex ecosystem, where the all of the elements interact in mutually beneficial
ways to produce a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

organic gardening,gardening,garden
 Creative Garden Design When surrounded by a planned physical beauty, plants will respond to the garden�s aesthetics.
  Labyrinths A metaphor of life’s journey, a pattern that creates a symbolic space. The path leads its way into the center of a concentric pattern of seven circles reflecting
fact (physical), idea (mental), and relation (spiritual).

 Genetic Engineering and Biodiversity Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson states in
his book ‘The Diversity of Life’ that we have only identified about 10% of
the species on our planet. Knowing so little about our world,
why are we in such a hurry to alter it?

 New Mexico’s Wildflowers, Plants, Trees, and Wildlife Our high altitude desert area exhibits low precipitation, low night temperatures,
strong spring winds, high day temperatures, (anywhere from 20 – 80 degrees in the spring months,
50 – 95 during the summer months, and -20 to 50 in the winter months) and sandy alkaline soil.
Even under such harsh conditions, spectacular annuals and perennials bloom.
Here are a few of the of plants and wildlife that we have seen in our area.

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organic gardening,gardening,garden

Virtually visit our former New Mexico gardens, and the surrounding environment nestled within New Mexico’s beautiful 7,300′ high mountain desert environment:
Photo Tour I Formal Tea Gardens, Main Gardens, Straw Bale Wall, Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers Photo Tour II Rescued Cats and Kittens, other Pets, New Mexico Wildflowers, Ridge Rock Formations, Wildlife Photo Tour III Winter in New Mexico, Native Trees and Shrubs, The World Around Us

Our Favorite Links Web sites with abundant educational information about organic gardening Sustainable growing techniques, and links to many other helpful sites

organic gardening,gardening,garden

Learn How To Design and Create Your Own Organic Garden! Extensive Organic Gardening Information; Planting Techniques and Garden Design; An Introduction to Avant-Gardening; and Seeds of Inspiration – Quotes, Poems, Photos, and Seasonal – easy CD format.

“The more contemplative gardener, seeing the garden as a whole, the design of it, and its nature
as a still place of delight and refreshment, will wait and hope for the moment when it seems
to achieve perfection. Awareness of when such moments are most likely helps to make them happen; they will not be entirely accidental, but anticipated; everything will be planned to encourage them.”

Susan Hill and Rory Stuart, Reflections from a Garden, 1995

Hardiness Zone Map and First and Last Frost Dates Use this map as a general reference when determining what garden and landscape plants will survive the climate in your area. First and last frost dates, and frost and freeze definitions.
Find Your Local Weather  for any City, State, Zipcode, or Country

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