Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness

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Read Chapter 8 from:
Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness
by Bruce Burger, MA

We invite you to contemplate an ancient vision of the universe
as a living, breathing, conscious Being . . .
and the ubiquitous Golden Spiral as the mathematical expression of the life breath of a living universe.


Chapter 8

The Golden Spiral:
a Key To Understanding Energy in Nature

All creation is the interweaving of cycles. From Galactic manifestation to subatomic waves, the universe is a vast spectrum of cycles. The cycles of birth and death, summer and winter, day and night, in-breath and out-breath weave the fabric of life. The ancient rishis (Yogi’s who purified their body/minds and directly experienced the fundamental forces of creation) experienced the underlying unity of all cycles as the breath of Brahma and the ubiquitous periodicity of the universe as the rhythm of the life breath of a single harmonious Living Being.

living earth

All bodies in nature or organized around the proportional harmonics
of the rhythms of the Earth’s breath.

There is a profound body of scientific evidence that points to the fact that the universe is a single harmonious system. A key to understanding this unity is found in an aspect of natural law known variously as the “Divine Proportion,” “Golden Section,” “Golden Ratio,” or Golden Spiral.”

Bruce Rawles explains:

The Divine Proportion was closely studied by the Greek sculptor, Phidias, hence, it was given the name Phi. Also known as the Golden Mean, the Magic Ratio, the Fibonacci Series, etc., Phi can be found throughout the universe; from the spirals of galaxies to the spiral of a Nautilus seashell; from the harmony of music to the beauty in art. A botanist will find it in the growth patterns of flowers and plants, while the zoologist sees it in the breeding of rabbits. The entomologist views it in the genealogy of a bee, and the physicist observes it in the behavior of light and atoms. A Wall Street analyst finds it in the rising and falling patterns of a market, the mathematician in the examination of the pentagram. . . . The ancient Egyptians used it in the construction of the great pyramids and in the design of hieroglyphs found on tomb walls . . . . Plato in his Timaeus considered it the most binding of all mathematical relations and makes it the key to the physics of the cosmos.1

Golden Spiral in the cosmos

We find the same proportional harmonics in the average distance
of the planets from the sun as the chambers of a nautilus.


(Picture this spiral three-dimensionally as a spiraling vortex, undulating in both directions, centrifugally, and centripetally simultaneously.)7



Golden Ratio Spiral

Like wheels within wheels, fields undulate within fields in the universal
electromagnetic process of centrifugal and centripetal forces.

All energy in creation vibrates as a Logarithmic Spiral.6



Undulating through every spiral of periodicity in creation is the profound balance of the universal breath of ascending and descending currents of yang and yin, expansion and contraction, Fire and Water.

Involutionary and evolutonary currents

Energy fields in nature are organized following the proportional harmonics of the Golden Spiral

rainbow spectrum


Out of the one white light radiate the solar spectrum of the seven colors of the rainbow. Tradition holds that all of the universe is formed by and thus mirrors the seven major (and five minor) cosmic tones.

Goldem mean

” Looking down from above, from the perspective of the nucleus of our energy system the Sun, we see that the distribution of leaves marking the growth of plants follows the spiraling Fibonacci progression: 3 leaves in 5 turns, 5 leaves in 8 turns.”

In Sacred Geometry, Robert Lawler asserts:

“Numerous studies document the ubiquity of the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Series, which describe the rhythmic laws of the gains and losses in the radiation of energy.”13 For example, Professor Amstutz of the Mineralogical Institute at the University of Heidelberg maintains: “Matter’s latticed waves are spaced at intervals corresponding to the frets on a harp or guitar with analogous sequences of overtones arising from each fundamental. The science of musical harmony is in these terms practically identical with the science of crystals.”14 Wilfried Krü ger, in his book Das Universium Singt (The Universe Sings) combines a knowledge of musical theory and atomic physics. He demonstrates that the structure of atoms contain ratios and numbers that parallel the harmonious principles of music. Through a wealth of highly detailed and painstakingly prepared notes and diagrams he demonstrates that it is impossible for chance alone to account for the consistently musical patterns of the song of the universe.15



Theomorphic stepdown

“Theomorphic” stepdown of energy. All forms in Nature embody the process of creation!

Universally, energy currents spiral in an octave of eight nodes that sustain seven steps. The seven chakras where ida and pingala undulate around sushumna personify this cosmic process.

Golden ratio

Golden Spiral: Life breath of a living universe . . .

The ancient wisdom describes these fields of resonance emanating from the center as elements. The elements are the vibratory archetypes of Cosmic Intelligence that underlie creation. Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. These five patterns of vibration are at the core of the sciences of the ancients. Dr. Stone writes: “Patterns are mind energy fields. [underlined in the original] Each type of energy has a vibratory speed and wave length which determines its function and affinity to other similar units of energy functioning in the body, or outside in the cosmos.”17 They are the fundamental resonances that are the inner vibrational basis of all phenomena. The elemental harmonics are understood as four phases of radiation (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth) from one center (Ether). Each of the elements represents a progressively denser, more material radiation of a single force, a harmonic of the underlying singular harmony. The elements are archetypal harmonics corresponding to the phases of materialization in the Polarity Evolutionary Cycle.

Subtle elements

Cross section of logarithmic spiral pictured above.

Elemental Fields

Ether + Air sustain Air
Ether + Air + Fire sustain Fire
Ether +Air + Fire sustain Water
Ether +Air + Fire + Water sustain Earth

Air rules the pentamorous
interplay of the elements.

Air Unites Core & Periphery

Air radiates from the central axis
to unite the core and the periphery


We can understand Air by contemplating Spring, the season which is Air-predominant. In Spring the northern hemisphere of the Earth moves into resonance with the centrifugal spiral of Spirit. All forms that resonate with life are entrained through sympathetic vibration with this spiraling of life force from the “center.” Through sympathetic vibration with the omnipresent center, life springs out of the “emptiness” of space into manifestation in time.

Air sustains the spiraling transverse motion between the fields of Ether and Earth. In “re-spir-ation” the force of the Air element re-spires the more material elements through its potent inner resonance of attunement with the Life Field. All movement, breath, and the organ of touch and physical sensation are formed from the “wind” element Air. The essence of Air is movement as an expression of living cosmic intelligence.

Fire radiates from the “Hara” deep in the pelvis.
The Fire Element

Water element

The Water Element

ETHER Grief Lengthening Sleep Saliva Hair
AIR Desire Speed Thirst Sweat Skin
FIRE Anger Shaking Hunger Urine Blood Vessels
WATER Attachment Movement Luster Semen/Ovum Flesh/Fat
EARTH Fear Contraction Laziness Blood Bone
ETHER Hearing    
AIR Touch Fruit, Nuts, Seeds Sour
FIRE Sight Grains, Legumes Bitter
WATER Taste Sesame, Sunflower Salty
Earth Smell Root Vegies, Tubers Sweet
AIR Snakelike, Fast-irregular, Feeble-faint, Moving from place to place
FIRE Froglike, Jumpy-regular, High Volume, Like beating drum
WATER Full-bounding, Rolling-wavelike, Slow, Moderate full volume

At the Earth phase of resonance, the vibrations crystallize into matter and gradually lose their ability to resonate with the universal spiral of vibration. The energy field falls out of harmony with the universal keynote that sustains life. It drops to a linear energy field which resists the spiraling of vibration crystallizing into form. Eventually it breaks down, unable to reflect and draw sustenance from the universal harmonies. This is the “dust” of the Earth phase of the cycle. At this phase, elimination and decay take place, resistance is released, and the life potency is pulled back to the center by the centripetal return current of the evolutionary cycle, to step back up to Ether. All matter, by its nature, eventually crumbles to dust, releasing the Spirit to return to its source to continue in the eternal cycle of evolution. Gravity is the Earth’s “prana,” flowing from Heaven to Earth. The atmo-sphere of the Earth can be understood in terms of spheres of force emanating from the nucleus of the Earth, representing the centripetal return current of the evolutionary cycle. Dr. Stone called these crystalline emanations of force from the Earth “Gravity Lines.”


Nepalese Chakra Diagram

The Combinations Of the Elemental Patterns of Vibration Manifest the Body/Mind

Ether Grief Lengthening Sleep Saliva Hair
Air Desire Speed Thirst Sweat Skin
Fire Anger Shaking Hunger Urine Blood vessels
Water Attachment Undulation Luster Semen/Ovum Flesh
Earth Fear Contraction Laziness Blood Bones


Growth on Earth aligns with the elemental harmonics of resonance,
the “atmo-spheres” sustained by the interaction of the energy fields of the Sun and Earth.

SRI Brihaspatiji

The Chakras in our body are a microcosm of the Solar System.
The lower chakras whose colors are red, orange, and yellow are ruled by Jupiter, Brihaspati the Guru. His unmitigated faith, fire, and blessings illuminate the evolutionary process.


Ten long line currents of prana emanate from the chakras.38



The “energy” of the body is a microcosm of Aum, the Sacred Word.

The Five-fold Phases of Prana: The Vital Airs

Resonance Function Movement Seat
Appropriation of Universal Life
forces from the cosmos.
Inward movement, works ideo-motor-verbal
processes and respiration
Uplifting, connects spiritual and material. Uplifts spirit at death.
Rules utterance, singing.
Upwards movement, for example, erect posture Throat
Vyana Diffused breath Distribution, Circulation of life force.
Rules separation and disintegration of cosmic intelligence to resist entropy. Extension, that holds space. contraction, and flexion of muscles, stores energy.
Union of Prana and Apana
Life force/blue print
the body
Separates things: rules assimilation, equalizing digestion, and equilibrium of body breath chemistry and metabolism.Maintains organic life. Kindles bodily fire, digestion, and assimilation Navel
Apana Out-breath Excretory, rejection, casts out waste.
Lower body death force.
Outward movement.
Pulls against prana.

All vibration spirals through five phases of cosmic attunement. The breath is a microcosm of this universal holomovement.

Breath and the Elements

Element Purification Breaths
Earth In nose out nose
Water In nose out mouth
Fire In mouth out nose
Air In mouth out mouth

Dr. Stone writes:

The life energy-Prana is a step-down current from the Eternal Sound Current which supports all living things. The origin of life is in the pattern-field of the mental plane where it splits into potential sensory and motor currents. Its action is in the etheric field (akasha), and its center is that thousand rayed whirling disk of energy that supports all visible creation. In the body the heart chakra is the microcosmic life center which draws energy from within its center as the individualized life Prana. Externally the Sun is the source of Prana and life. In combustible matter it is stored as heat units.48


Five sensory and five motor pranas are formed from
the two currents from the entry point of the ultrasonic
core at the (third) “eye center.”

Dr. Stone writes:

The mind expresses itself through its five stepped-down agencies—which split into five sensory [currents] and five motor [currents]. These express themselves also as the mechanical leverage of the ten fingers, for motion and expression of skill . . . and as ten toes and energy waves flowing through them for body motion through joints and leverage . . . These waves of energy give the delicate sense of touch to the fingers . . . Such delicate patterns and finer energies waves link our mental patterns to the outside world, to experience sensations through contact with matter in its five modes of resistance. The five senses are modes of expression of the mind in matter.


Ajna-Chakra Mahat
Third eye Self-realization Unitive Consciousness
Ether Vishuddha Center of the throat Knowledge, service, humility, discrimination Expression
Anahata-Chakra Air
Behind the heart Desire, aversion, ambition, hope, love,
devotion, sharing,
Manipura Chakra Fire
Navel Directed force, power, dealing with “reality,”
immortality, fame, will power,
Svadhishthana Chakra Water
Lumbosacral junction Nourishment, bonding, emotional attachment Procreation
Muladhara Chakra Earth
Sacrococcygeal junction Security issues, grounding,
physical comforts, survival, shelter

Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness
By Bruce Burger





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