Geronimo’s Heir Wants Bush To Return ‘Skull And Bones’

CNN: Geronimo’s Heir Wants Bush to Return ‘Skull and Bones’

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VIDEO – CNN: Geronimo’s Heir Wants Bush to Return ‘Skull and Bones’

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On Wednesday, May 24th at about 3:43 pm ET, CNN broadcast this odd little story. There seems to be no reference to it on CNN’s website and we haven’t seen any encore broadcasts since.

Here is the short version of the story… Geronimo’s great grandson is making a plea to President Bush to facilitate the return of the Apache chief. The heir to Geronimo decided to make this request to Bush after a researcher found proof that the Bush’s great grandfather, Prescott Bush, had stolen the Geronimo’s remains.

Read on for more of this story…

It’s probably no secret to our readers that George W. Bush became a member of the secret Skull and Bones society while attending Yale. Not surprising since his father, George H. W. Bush, and his grandfather, Prescott Bush, were also members.

Around 1918, as the story goes, Prescott Bush and other member of the secret society robbed the grave of the Geronimo. The skull, bones and other relics are now thought to be enclosed in a glass case in the “Tomb” of the Skull and Bone society.Many writers and investigators have conducted enough interviews with sources close to Skull and Bones members to be reasonably certain that Prescott and his boys actually stole the remains of the legendary Apache chief.

Earlier this month, a writer researching the history of the Air Force, found a letter written by a Bonesman who would have been an active member of the Society at the same time as Prescott Bush. The letter gave hard confirmation that Geronimo’s had been stolen by members.

Now, Geronimo’s grandson, Harlan Geronimo, is asking President Bush to return the remains of his great grandfather. He has volunteered to undergo DNA testing to prove ownership. Harlan says that tribal dignity must be restored. He gives this warning:

According to Apache tradition, if you desecrate a grave you upset the spirits. Sooner or later the spirits will come after you.Ultimately, it will lead to death. That’s our tradition.


3 thoughts on “Geronimo’s Heir Wants Bush To Return ‘Skull And Bones’”

  1. Whether it is true or not that the secretive and criminal Skull and Bones Society possess the stolen remains of Geronimo, we must get the bones back. Should we form a war party that would make Geronimo proud and go get those bones NOW and tear that place apart while we’re there? Or should we take the remains of George Bush’s grandparents? These actions may seem perfectly justified to some.
    However, legal courses of action exist because the bones are evidence of a crime – grave robbing at the least. Charges should be filed against each and every member of Skull and Bones, past and present, because they all knew about it and are all part of the conspiracy of silence and are all accomplices. They should all be sent to prison – Bush, Kerry, ALL of them. Then the tomb should be bulldozed and never allowed to be rebuilt.
    “I want even more revenge.” – Geronimo

  2. I too believe that the remains should be returned to Harlan. Several years ago, Harlan came to our neighborhood to hold a ceremony over the site of his great-grandfathers surrender site.

    After Geronimo was lied to about someday being returned to his homeland, the least they can do is return the remains.

  3. yh smash that place down with all of em in it the sick f***s, your time will come for all of you bush’.
    You think you are above the law, you are not, for there is only one law and that is the law of the lord jesus christ and we will be there watching you all perish before eternal damnation when he returns

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