The Last Wizards


Most Kabbalists were theorists who were interested only in pure meditation. But there were so-called ‘practical Kabbalists’ who tried to apply the power of the Kabbalah in everyday life.

In other words, sorcerers.

Yes. These practical Kabbalists used a so-called ‘archangelic alphabet’, derived from first-century Greek and Aramaic theurgic alphabets, which resembled cuneiform. The Kabbalists referred to the alphabet as ‘eye-writing,’ because the letters were composed of lines and small circles, which resembled eyes.

Ones and zeroes.

– Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

There are many stories that underlie the systems that shape our world, stories that often times have buried histories and unexamined assumptions. Sometimes the myths and languages that shape peoples experience of reality are invisible, like the ones and zeroes of computer code. In a very real sense many of the most powerful stories are invisible, even dismissed by most people as being in any way influential on daily affairs. For example, focus in on the myriad web of jokes told in America. Sadly, there are many more misogynist than feminist anecdotes and many more racist than antiracist jokes in circulation. These are just a small part of the many unacknowledged stories that define what is normal and explain the status quo and in so doing define our sense of what kind of a world is possible.

The telling of any story functions covertly by suppressing alternative or contrary emplotments of the same events. To tell then a previously ‘untold story’ is an act which can be extraordinarily disruptive to the existing social order, relying as it does on the consensed upon narrative of reality that is the norm. Much of ‘magic’ can be understood as storytelling. The mage turns symbols and ritual into a story, and then spellbinds their audience in the telling. The audience goes on to incorporate the new story into their everday life – and the spell is cast when they bring it to life through their actions.

“Magical combat is a struggle between storytellers,” writes the mage John Michael Greer, “in which each mage tries to define a common reality in terms of the story that best serves his or her purposes. The medium of magic is consciousness — one’s own consciousness, that of other people, and (more controversially, at least within the worldview of modern industrial culture) that of other-than-human entities of various kinds. The tools of magic are will, imagination, and the innate structures of consciousness itself, constellated through formal patterns of symbol and ritual. The goals of magic are defined by the individual magician.”

Welcome to The Last Wizards. The stories below, and in our archives, explore the world of the occult from a multitude of viewpoints and beliefs. New essays are added monthly. Spread the word.


4 thoughts on “The Last Wizards”

  1. People who believe in the powers of magic, alchemy and math and simply trying to control and understand something that they really without a doubt can’t, because of the “INFINITY” of the universe, I doubt any one person can fully control anything, so what I want to know is why all this energy wasted controlling something you can’t control, when in “reality” there are actions that you can control, for example, when walking down a street and you see a stranger “smile” or when someone is in pain, offer a helping hand or when someone is crying, for cryin’ out loud, give them a tissue, but that wouldn’t be called “MAGIK” would it?…or donate time and energy to causes that help people in distress or even just help your own friends…I am not trying to judge anyone or lay blame…how about “Creative Visualization” which by the way is a great book to read. Just my 2 cents, but then again, Who am I?

    I would add something else to Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice and Beauty. How about Empathy and Generosity, unless your organization is only “self serving”?

  2. Helen,

    I agree with you that real action can and must be made toward your desired goal. I also suspect that you don’t really know what magick means or how it works. That is fine too, it takes a while to grasp unless you have done it and see how it works, it’s not what you think. I don’t see anywhere that Magick is necessarily trying to understand or control the infinity of the universe, though some may try.

    There are times when we post interesting articles or information that we don’t necessarily subscribe to whole sale.

    What is self serving about Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice and Beauty? If we post Empathy and Generosity will we be self serving? What if we neglect Compassion?

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