Days of Truth Action Goes International

Alex Jones Calls for Action on Every Eleventh

Days of Truth Action Goes International

April 10, 2007

On Friday, April 6 2007, activist, filmmaker and powerhouse radio
host Alex Jones endorsed the call to National Days of Truth Action on
the Eleventh Day of Every Month. In the lead-up to an interview with activist Cosmos, Jones declared, “they’re pushing for
a protest in every major city – a demonstration – on the eleventh day
of every month and I want you to join them. I want everybody to get
involved with this because this is the type of action we need.”

The Infowars host urged his listeners to get involved immediately and
“continually build momentum every eleventh day of every month – we
need somebody on the ground in every major city, down to small towns,
don’t wait for orders from headquarters.”

Jones and his guest agreed on the need for an ongoing nationwide
campaign of action that builds month by month – up through the coming
6th anniversary of 9/11 and beyond – providing not only a framework
for the ongoing truth explosion in the United States but also a
defense mechanism against a potential limited hangout cover-up.

Expanding on the implications of the campaign, Jones said “We are
creating a real grassroots, populist, non-partisan movement that is
aware of government tyranny, the Patriot Act, the North American
Union… this is really an anti-globalist movement, an anti-New World
Order movement, a fusion, a sword… a war machine against their
fraud and against their lie – for the truth. This is a defensive
shield, this is a siege engine against their operations and it’s
growing and forming organically. 9/11 Truth is the key.”

Asked about upcoming plans for the monthly actions, Cosmos announced
a call to action at mass media outlets nationwide on May 11 and
demonstrations at state capitols across the country on June 11.

He urged listeners to get out in the streets for 9/11 truth. “Rosie
opened the door for us – we gotta kick it off the hinges. We have to
make the answer.”

Asked what he saw in the future for the United States, Cosmos said
“America is headed for truth revolution.”

Alex Jones’ passionate endorsement of the nascent national campaign
for 9/11 justice was bound to take it to the exploding point and –
sure enough – within hours of the show the number of locations
participating had tripled from the previous month and Days of Truth
Action went international with Canada, Australia and Japan joining
the action on April 11th.

The Alex Jones Show – April 6 2007 – mp3…ction.mp3

Join the Action on April 11

The Third Stage

A Call to Action…jones.jpg…607-1.jpg


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