How to get out of the Great Firewall

How to get out of the Great Firewall


Hactivismo has just released Torpark.

A significant leap forward in software industry and a major one for security pedagogy for tones of reasons:

It’s one of the lightest version of Firefox – the famous free web browser. Extremely small to download, the decompressed directory is less than 30 megs and can fit anywhere – USB key – secret directory – thus it allows you to experience a very safe browsing as every local files are constantly flushed to prevent malwares to accumulate.

The second issue is almost moral. It’s a very easy introduction to safe surfing. When you use it, you become anonymous. You become one with the TOR network. Nobody knows who and where you are as you’re constantly changing your Internet address with the one provided by TOR’s network nodes. The more we will use this way of surfing, the harder it will be for any organization to record our daily behavior on the web. Its popularization would trigger a major shift in Internet industry.

The third reason is for supporting freedom of speech. On Internet it looks easy to say everything you want, but it’s also easier for powerful organization to hide information from your browsing capacity. China is the best example – but it can be extended to every nation. By using Torpark you proudly become an anonymous citizen of the world that can now access censored political content.

Download it at this mirror:

Read this in Chinese, in arabic, in spanish.


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