“War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength.”

Via: Students for an Orwellian Society (SOS)

War Is Peace

Freedom Is Slavery

  • The Anti-Terrorism
    ensures US citizens’ freedom by ensuring the FBI‘s ability to
    examine their activities.
  • Security cameras have been placed around the Columbia campus and
    around the island of
  • If you are buying postage, do not ask for
    stamps without flags on them
    . Such would clearly be a sign of
    lack-of-patriotism, and we at SOS are glad to see that the Post Office
    is cracking down on it.
  • We encourage all true citizens of this country to join Operation
    , which, we promise, will help further an Orwellian society in
    ways that we at SOS cannot even begin to fathom.
  • There’s really nothing we can say about DARPA‘s Total
    project except to thank them forall
  • While Victory Gin is not (as far as we know) yet available, the
    sale of freedom
    is an important first step; freedom fries and freedom
    toast are also now available in
    . Also, check out Victory Beer, and W Ketchup
  • The truly Orwellian and praiseworthy Transportation Safety
    Administration gets our thanks for spotting
    in passengers’ baggage.
  • Flying while wearing certain buttons may not be permitted.
    It is, apparently, okay to wear a button saying, “Hooray for Tony
    Blair,” though.
  • Similarly, carrying a note stating
    that you do not have a bomb in your bag is equivalent to saying that you
    do have a bomb.
  • When flying, you may use the toilet. However, if it is occupied,
    do not wait
    in line
    for it to become free. Only a terrorist would do that.
  • We’ve been notified that Apple Computer company, which once made
    public anti-Orwellianism pronouncements, is now coming
    around to our side
    . (Note: Link contains a quicktime movie.)
  • The Junior Anti-Sex League is offering
    to organizations which support its work.
  • In London, feel secure beneath the
    watchful eyes
    of Transport
    for London
  • We’re pleased to see the subpoena
    of the National Lawyer’s Guild and other anti-war activists. It’s time
    to keep those activists in
    their place
  • In the UK, the wrongly
    convicted are charged for
    their “food and lodgings”
    while in prison.
  • A student in Washington state was disciplined and questioned by the
    Secret Service for drawing ungood
    of the President.
  • On surveillance cameras: “The value we gain in public safety
    far outweighs any perception by the community that this is Big Brother
    who’s watching.” — Ron
    , Executive Director, Chicago Office of Emergency
  • Wearing a t-shirt which says “Protect Our Civil
    Liberties” is, of course, obscene, and will get you kicked out
    Bush campaign rallies.
  • George Orwell Plaza, in Barcelona, has continuous closed-circuit television

Ignorance Is Strength

  • Osama bin Laden’s messages will no longer be shown
    in Oceania. This will improve the strength of the bloc.
  • There is no dissent in this country. Those who disagree with
    President Bush are merely confused.
  • The New York Times published an excellent piece of doublethink in its magazine
    section on Sunday 18 November. It is bad that Al-Jazeera fails to take
    American positions seriously. It is good that American media doesn’t
    take Arab positions seriously. And all this from an Arab-American
    who President Bush the First once called “more
    anti-Arab than the Israelis.”
  • Government agencies are requesting that certain government
    reports be removed from public libraries
    . An excellent indication
    that SOS is having influence at the highest levels!
  • The Guardian reports that PR firms have begun
    creating false citizens
    to try and shift the debate on certain key
    issues. Big Brother is certainly pleased!
  • Do not wear a “Give Peace a Chance” t-shirt at the mall,
    or carry a protest sign when passing through. It may be
  • It’s good to know that the recent pro-war rallies have been sponsored by Clear Channel—we wouldn’t
    want people expressing their opinions without the help of media
  • We’re pleased to learn that the government has been
    information from websites which do not agree with the
    current administration’s policies. For example, the CDC‘s website no
    longer points out
    that condoms are an effective means of stopping
    sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Thanks,
    Time Magazine
    for removing articles from your
  • Reading an article critical of the government is a serious form of
    thoughtcrime—and, fortunately, the
    FBI takes
    such things seriously
  • Do not email
    President Bush
  • Youths in Arabic-speaking countries are encouraged to read Hi
  • A recent
    showed that thanks to Fox News and other Minitrue
    news sources, most
    Americans believe
    untrue things about the war in Iraq.
  • We are proud to present a special
    on a specific instance of doublethink in the New York
  • The FBI urges you not to carry almanacs,
    lest you be labeled a terrorist.
  • The Civil War will
    not be taught
    in US History courses in Georgia.
  • “Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide
    everything.” — Stalin, a man truly ahead of his time.
  • In the grandest pro-Orwellian tradition, science is (fortunately) no
    longer a tool
    for objective truth, but rather one to promote
    an agenda
    . Huzzah!
  • The UC-DavisAggie has published an excellent
    on SOS.
  • It’s a good thing that the Department of Homeland Security has asked
    its employees
    to be on the lookout for good photo-ops for the
  • It’s
    for the government to lie, according to the General Accounting
  • Students who publicly and personally question
    the Vice President’s wife
    are guilty of a crime.
  • A teacher was arrested in Tampa, Florida because a
    she was carrying is a concealed weapon.
  • Thank the Department of Homeland Security for not forgetting Poland but
    instead protecting
    from dangerous 12-year-old Polish choir boys.

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