Sayings of the Sage of Asheville



  • Humans have created God in their own image to meet their need for a reason for existence and assurance that death is not the end.

  • If God had created humans he/she would have done a better job.

  • If God had created the world it would not be in the condition it is now.

  • Each culture has created its own God or Gods and its religion.

  • Religion is used as a carrot and a stick (Heaven and Hell) to control behavior.

  • Religion is not the only, or the major source of values and ethics. Values and ethics evolved out of the experience of living together: they are the rules for social existence.

  • God does not heal; faith heals.

  • Faith can lead to change, but it is not only faith in God. Whatever we have faith in is effective.

  • Beliefs affect behavior. Anything we believe strongly can change behavior.

  • Beliefs are the source of the placebo effect.

  • People want, even need, to believe in something beyond themselves and the visible world to give meaning to life and hope for something after this life.

  • Prayer does not achieve specific or concrete things; it helps those who pray feel better.

  • Prayer is not answered by God, but by those who pray.

  • Religion is the source of many good things – art, music, literature. But it is also the source of much that is bad – wars, persecution, prejudice, discrimination and denial of freedom and rights.

  • Dilemma: While there is no convincing evidence for the existence of God, belief in God can be a positive influence in a person’s life.

  • Paradox: There is no God, yet belief in God is a powerful influence on behavior – for good or bad.

  • Spirituality is not necessarily religiosity.

  • The spiritual is not a separate realm. There is no location for spirituality. It is an aspect of psychology, residing in the mind.

  • Love of God is abstract. Love of others is concrete.
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