Galactic Alignment, Floyd, and The Hyperdimensional Bees

This video is dedicated to the late Syd Barrett and the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest albums of all time, “Piper at the Gates of Dawn”

A lot of you have probably been hearing the ‘buzz’ about the disappearing bees. Almost every news story prints a quote attributed to Albert Einstein. The quote goes: “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left.”

Animals sense danger and natural disasters, but even if it was human contaminates that were killing them off, it still would bee an atrocity to mother nature.

So why the hexagon.. Why do bees have the ability to sense hyper dimensional etheric energy.. Why have they been disappearing lately.. There have been articles printed that a virus is killing them off.. but in my opinion they are simply hypersensitive to earth vibration.. and as we approach the galactic center.. energies of the earth grid will become five to ten times more photogenically and geometrically advanced. Perhaps the bees sense this.. perhaps they are warning us of great change with their absence. Perhaps we should listen.

Thanks so much to Todd Campbell from “Through the Looking Glass” and William Henry for help with the narration on this one as I have been having health problems as of late.

Seek the Mysteries.


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