Sigils, Magick, and The Ancient Alien Torah

Since Sigil Magick is generally considered Will Magick rather than Spiritual Magick or Nature Magick, the goal of sigil usage is to mobilize your unconscious mind towards accomplishing the desires of your conscious mind.

Your unconscious mind, while extremely powerful, only understands symbols sent to it from your conscious mind. It does not understand what we would consider simple and straight forward communication. Hence, the need for sigils which are really just combinations of the letters in your statement of intent (minus repeated letters, state of being verbs: is, are, etc. and any vowels).

There are many ways to use the sigils. Common methods of usage include meditating on them and then burning, burying or destroying them in some other way so that they can pass from your conscious mind into your unconscious mind. There the instructions built into their design are decoded and followed.

The Meru Project has discovered an extraordinary and unexpected geometric metaphor in the letter-sequence of the Hebrew text of Genesis that underlies and is held in common by the spiritual traditions of the ancient world. This metaphor models embryonic growth and self-organization. It applies to all whole systems, including those as seemingly diverse as meditational practices and the mathematics fundamental to physics and cosmology…Meru Project findings demonstrate that the relationship between physical theory and consciousness, expressed in explicit geometric metaphor, was understood and developed several thousand years ago.

A living breathing language. Eons beyond the capabilities of human based Magickal practices.. as they are from our alien brothers, and perhaps our creators.


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