Three voids ( San Kong)


The key points of practicing are about the”void” (also know as Emptiness). Which are”the emptiness of heart”,the Emptiness of body , “the Emptiness of eyes” .

The emptiness of heart (Xin Kong) enable you to purify your heart calm your mind, which can make the practitioner thoughtless and fearless.

The emptiness of the body (Sheng Kong) makes you release any tightness of your body so you can move fluently and smoothly.

The emptiness of the eyes ( Mu Kong) makes you consider everybody and everything beneath one’s notice, so that you can be supercilious, and show no fear when facing your enemy.

So when you practice gong-fu, first you must understand the theory behind the method. Also you have to understand every part of your body within the movements and what it is used for. Only when you understand these, your practice will be effective and efficient. The theories we have explained above are only a part of the requirements of the practice of Xin Yi Ba. There are much more theories which can not be put into words, but the practitioner must experience personally through training.

Xin Yi Ba is known as the highest level of Shaolin gong-fu, there are some certain postures and movements to practice with the requirements we explained above, by this practice you body can generate the most power and you can be proficient in the fighting strategy. And the practice can improve your gong-fu to the unlimited state. If one can reach the peak of the practice of Xin Yi Ba, then any movements performed can be called Xin Yi Ba.



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