Visualize the Zodiac

I have been wanting to learn more about the Zodiac for a long time. Fortunately I have met Michael Ax, the creator of, late this Spring. We had spoken here and there before, but not about the Zodiac and related topics. One evening we were talking and he showed me how to use his site. I still don’t know exactly how it works due to my lack of knowledge in Astrology, but I at least know now how to look up the illustrations corresponding to my chart. I think that if one has some background knowledge of the Zodiac, this site will be easy to use. Unfortunately for me Michael left town for a spell and I am left to my own devices on further understanding his site and the Zodiac in general. I will post more on my progress as I figure stuff out.

For practice and for sharing my progress in this process, I may do a popular persons chart and illustrations. I would like to hear your ideas on who to use for this process. I think it should be someone relevant and who we all know. Also, send any comments or help or suggestions that you feel may help out this process.

Michael said that these illustrations can be put together to tell your story. I am sure that there is a correct sequence that one should look at these, but since I am just learning, I will find all mine and the popular persons that I choose, and move them around at random to see what I come up with. This should be a good way to learn this system.

I am drawn to this system because it sticks in my head, unlike past attempts at learning things like the Zodiac. It sticks due to the fact that it creates multiple pathways of ones chart in the brain. Left and right hemispheres are used by the charts, diagrams, symbols, math, illustrations and stories. These all go together to make memorable interpretations and understandings of your birth chart.

Check out and let them know what you think too, it is a work in progress

Taurus 15.. 16
Fixed Female NonLinear Spring Earth reporting to Venus & Luna:
genius introduction
decan of struggle, span of enjoyment & confirmation

Aquarius 23.. 24
Fixed Male NonLinear Winter Air reporting to Saturn & Uranus:
tempered by wisdom

decan of repression, span of perspective & management

Capricorn 24.. 25
Cardinal Female Linear Winter Earth reporting to Saturn:
newcomer’s surprise

decan of idealism, span of dependence & group-performance

Virgo 24.. 25
Mutable Female Linear Summer Earth reporting to Mercury:
one good man

decan of renunciation, span of experimentation & education

To check out the illustrations for your chart visit


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