Magick is dangerous

By James Garrison

“Magick is dangerous. It’s about change and transformation. It isn’t about conformity and fitting in, it’s about getting past the blinders of conventional society and manifesting your Will, sharing your dreams, expressing the essential truths hidden within each of us–to go beyond the pale or past the point of no return and Know what lies outside the confines of mass consciousness. A magician is the consummate outsider, one who walks and works on the fringes of other people’s awareness, on the edges of established paradigms . . .

. . . Magick is dangerous. It deals in change and transformation. Magicians do not accept things as they are so much as they are aware of where things are in the HereNow. Perhaps the term Magician is too limiting, but it will serve well enough for now. Sorceror, shaman, priestess–all of these masks and roles are known to a magician, their rites and forms are colors on the palette of a Mage. Just as is all of Creation. Our limits are self-imposed. The crushing weight of conventional societies’ expectations and slavish insistence upon the Way Things Are, and the inertia that keeps us all in the lock-step observation of The Real World are tough things to overcome, to shrug off, to get out from under, to escape, to pass beyond, to conquer. In the end it’s really not about that, but the notion of fighting the Big Monster is so seductive that everyone faces the reflections and glamours dredged up from the collective unconscious and we falter. We fail. We accept. We let down our guard and lower our sword. Then the real magick of the world hits us full force . . .

. . . Magick is dangerous because it is the path to waking up made up of all the random bits of information we each one accumulate. It’s more in how we assemble he things we’re given, than any thing in particular. It’s a way of doing, not an object of attainment. You do Magick and it interacts with you to create a synergistic process of self-transformation. Magick takes you out of the stream, casts you onto the rocks, and leaves you to find your own way through a deserted wasteland filled with other peoples’ footprints all criss-crossing over each other . . .”

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