What is True Wealth?

Via: http://mexiconuevo.wordpress.com/2008/08/07/what-is-true-wealth/

Leland Lehman’s article, “Weathering the Economic Storm,” is yet another syncronicity as a friend and I had just been wondering what happened to the alternative currencies that sprung up around the country in the mid 90’s. One begins to think of such things as the economy dives, suddenly all ones so called “ideals” become much more realistic and sometimes essential. I am happy to see that I am not alone!

I had been formulating and inquiring within my self just what my motivations, goals and ideals are concerning school and life in general. When people find out that you have returned to school or when people in school discuss majors, careers and future goals, the discussion of money is sure to come up. Some students are interested in learning for learning sake or with community building or helping others, but the main motivation and push in higher education is to make lots of money. I can’t help but bring the money question back to wealth and what wealth actually is. Leland’s article and Trading Circle help to describe, provide examples and real local actions that can be taken to begin building true wealth now.

That said and the article read, I am sure that you can begin to see what I consider true wealth to be and what some of my motivations are for returning to school and for life in general. I hope to see you out in the community somewhere as we continue building the world that we want to see for ourselves and for the future generations right here and right now.

Here is the last paragraph of Leland’s article,

The most promising strategy for
dealing with the current crisis is a return
to faith, regardless of denomination, a
return to community interdependence,
a return to barter and trading, a return
to community self-sufficiency and a
return to local, bioregional sovereignty.
But it may take an even greater crisis
before these time-honored
understandings return to their eternal
glory before the people’s blurred eyes.
Read the full article, “Weathering the Economic Storm” here . . . <http://thesun-news.com/Aug032008Issue.pdf>


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