Obstacles to Working Hard for Happiness

Obstacles to Working Hard for Happiness One

Obstacles to Working Hard for Happiness Two

More @ http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=sadhumarut


3 thoughts on “Obstacles to Working Hard for Happiness”

  1. I am over people saying TV is absolutely negative and toxic. Isn’t it about what we do with it ? Mindlessly sitting in front of a TV for hours , probably not so good. There are a lot of programs that benefit my growth and happiness though , like shows that show you natural wonders of the world. It sounds arrogant to me to say that PBS is boring. And the sitcoms, etc are a great resource to fuel one’s social commentary. Ha ha.

    He’s interesting though. I’m going to research him a bit more! gracias.

  2. Oh, poo! it is too boring, its mediated reality! 😉

    There are a few things that he talks about that I don’t agree with, of course, but I like his style of teaching and he covers some indepth and deep topics.

    As far as Vajrayana goes, I’d say he is genuine and isn’t affraid to hold back. . . try here for more http://www.lamamarut.org/?page_id=44

  3. A cool thing about the lineage that Lama Marut is from is that they offer and english version Gonpa, which as I understand it is a masters level degree given in Tibetan monasteries.

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