Steal Back Your Vote

Steal This Vote


Erin Shaw

Robert Kennedy Jr. and investigative journalist Greg Palast collaborated to make Steal Back Your Vote, a comic book that illustrates how to combat the insidious efforts of the Help America Vote Act. HAVA allows partisan Secretaries of State rather than nonpartisan election boards to maintain lists of voters. That could lead to a “Catherine Harris effect,” meaning votes could be thrown out at their discretion in crucial swing states. Kennedy and Palast point out more voter requirements that disproportionately impact Democrats, such as the “perfect match” rule. Under the perfect match rule, government officials are required to check registration information against existing government databases. If there is a minor difference like a middle initial, apostrophes or hyphens in your name, then your registration can be thrown out. Fortunately, Steal Back Your Vote helps you avoid these voter traps. It is available to download for free here, and donations go towards getting more copies out to reclaim the right to vote for all.

image: “New Steal Back Your Vote cover!” by Greg Palast on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons licensing


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