Hey, a bald eagle landed at the polling station while I was voting — for reals!

This is a great voting experience that my friend had yesterday, pictures and all!

Via http://favoritematt.blogspot.com/2008/11/hey-bald-eagle-landed-at-polling.html


I went to vote this morning in Red Bank, NJ at the elementary school that is the polling station for my district. After voting I was sitting in the small park across the street having a scrapple egg and cheese sandwich and some coffee when I saw my first real live wild bald eagle! it might not be so exciting for folks in other locations but they are a real rarity here in NJ still, only 60 nests in the entire state.

It landed in a tree in the school’s playground for a few moments. Me and another two guys saw it. I had my camera and one of the other two guys grabbed his out of his glove compartment of his truck. By the time we started to cross the street to get a close enough shot it started to fly away, I got a pic of it sitting in the tree and two of it in mid flight but all are from quite far away. (i used the “sharpen” feature in GIMP – if you doubt this story and require the originals I can send em to ya – just ask 🙂

Anyway, I had been sitting on the bench watching all the different kinds of folks go in and out of the polling station, old men, young hipsters, sweat suit moms and pantsuit businesswomen, guys in BMWs and guys in old beat up pickuptrucks, grandmothers and young brothers all getting along and being friendly and courteous, and I was thinking that America is pretty cool after all when… what else can I say, this sign from above came down. I don’t know if he was trying to vote or send a message or just tired from flying around but he delivered a message to me, whether he intended to or not 🙂

taking flight

sitting in a branch upper left

Soaring away

my polling place, no lines

my flags

my sign (and some gourds I grew)

the preview of the electronic voting booth’s setup. no paper trail here in Jersey yet (boooo). all the other parties presidential candidates trail off to the left, there were two different socialist parties, the green party, the constitutional party, a communist party and maybe 2 or 3 other choices besides Barack and John.

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