celibacy is good


By Brad Warner

From . . . http://suicidegirls.com/news/culture/23455/

. . . Celibacy would seem like the ultimate solution. You can’t possibly misuse sexuality if you never have sex. Or can you? My first Zen teacher once told me he thought that sometimes the best way to avoid misusing sexuality is to fuck. There may be occasions when a quick roll in the hay is the best and most expedient way to avoid causing bigger problems. I think about this every time I hear about yet another supposedly celibate religious figure getting caught diddling a choirboy. It seems pretty likely to me that if some of those guys just got it on with some willing lass of an appropriate age, or maybe one of their fellow clergymen if they were so inclined, one less child would be traumatized for life.

What about true celibacy, then? What about someone who doesn’t just say they don’t have sex but who really and truly does not have sex of any kind — even masturbation was forbidden in those early Buddhist sects I mentioned. Good for them, I say. If they can manage it. I don’t think I could, personally. My head would get so filled up with thoughts of hot pink pussy I’d be a menace to society. If you get so sex obsessed you can’t think straight, what good are you to anyone? Still maybe there are people who aren’t like that, and if there are I say go for it. But I doubt anyone with that much self-control needs my permission or even cares about my opinion anyway. . .


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