Physical Theatre: Butoh and Beyond – Screener

Film distributed by Contemporary Arts Media

The video is a documentary of a weekend workshop presented by Cheryl Heazlewood in Perth in 1996. The participants consist of young actors, dancers, performers and teachers. Cheryl presents powerful and inspiring training exercises which are drawn from her eclectic training in occidental and oriental movement and theatre. Cheryl Heazlewood – Choreographer, Actor, Teacher and Healer – has spent her life involved in theatre and dance.After studying classical and contemporary dance, theatre and mime Cheryl joined the Lindsay Kemp Company in 1982 as a principal artist and moved to Europe. She spent the next 11 years performing internationally. During this time she studied Butoh with Kazu Ohno, Sankai Juku, Carlotta Ikeda and Ko Murobushi, who invited her to work in his company in 1986. In 1992 she formed her own company Butoh And Beyond with the vision of integrating Butoh into Western performance. Cheryl returned to Australia in 1995 and has been teaching in major dance/theatre institutions Australia-wide. 50 min.

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