Openfilm is changing the world of online video entertainment. Whether it’s an animated short, comedy, documentary or other type of film, we are the source for the highest quality video content on the Web!

Our Focus

The site showcases a fast-growing collection of high quality live-action and animated films displayed in high resolution. Openfilm provides a venue for users to watch premium video content, as well as for filmmakers to exhibit their works. Openfilm also takes a full-service approach to its members and visitors including a full-featured social networking forum between viewers and creators, reviews and blogs, coverage of industry events, and an online database of film festivals. Openfilm is focused on ‘user-generated films’ – original, high-quality live-action and animated videos with high production values and artistic merit, from shorts and web series to feature-length films. We are closing the gap created by sites where anyone can upload anything and sites that primarily showcase network TV and Hollywood movie content. Openfilm also provides a rich social networking environment:

  • Video recommendations and reviews by Openfilm editors who strive to provide some insight into the filmmaking process and highlight the creativity of the contributors;
  • Staff blogs sharing some sought-after production knowledge, covering an industry news item or just plain venting about life where users are welcomed to leave their comments;
  • Comprehensive, modifiable database of film festivals past, present and future.

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