Google, Evil genius with plans to take over the world ?

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Is Google trying to take over the world ? And what is up with Google’s colors being the same as Microsoft ???? (see Cartoon below, I never thought of it either until now)..

Maybe they are just trying to Kill Microsoft and are a force of good ? I don’t honestly know, personally I love Google Chrome, Google voice and Android. -Eff it lol, only time will tell what Google’s legacy will be.

I present my case exhibit one:

  • Google (search engine, control what shows up on the web and what information you see)
  • Google Voice (Done right, will Kill the companies with FREE phone calling)
  • Clear Wimax (Wireless internet covering entire cities and Google is a main investor)
  • Google Chrome ( Access the internet via Google Chrome’s browser)
  • Google OS (Run your computer on Google Chrome OS)
  • Google Android ( Control the mobile operating systems)
  • Google cell phones (Control the mobile phone market)

Fond this interesting article about Google and the Good vs Evil argument.

“I’m no conspiracy theorist, I swear. I don’t think Google tries to be evil (though they missed a pretty good chance), and I don’t think they sit there all sweaty and peering at all the private data they collect from users. But they do have it, don’t they?

The Largest Violator of Privacy…

…is almost always the user. People like myself realize the dangers of your information exchanging too many hands, but 90% of people do not, and will freely hand it over if the receiver has a shiny appeal and a trusted name (like, say, “Google“).

Chrome OS will be no different, just with a more streamlined way of going from hardware -> boot -> Internet -> Google for the information exchange.

And there’s no doubt that, with Google controlling the entire GUI layout and design, there will be a heavy slant towards Google Docs and other products to take the place of Word etc. for the new netbook.

While this will undoubtedly appeal highly to users, the exchange of so much information into the hands of one entity will trouble many concerned about privacy on the Web (such as myself).

I know Google isn’t evil (at least 90% sure). But the very fact that Google owns so much information about users along with a history of sharing it with other entities (including governments), it is troublesome. Not to mention the fact that they own

It worried me even before the giant was behind every bit of software running on my hardware (I like netbooks), and it troubles me even more so now. If Google, say, was ever compromised on a large scale, could you imagine just how devastating that would be to the general population”..

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