Oil Spill Two Years Later Over 130 First Nations Oppose the Enbridge Pipeline/Tanker Project

 With good reason . . .

“Two Years On, Tar Sands Spill Casts Long Shadow”


 “When conventional crude is spilled into water, it floats on the surface, making the cleanup process a relatively simple matter of skimming and scooping (you might recall images of this from the Deepwater Horizon spill). But bitumen is thick and heavy, and has to be diluted with a noxious chemical cocktail so it can flow in the pipe. When spilled, the dilutant evaporates into the nearby atmosphere; Marshall residents reported nausea, migraines, and burning in the eyes and throat. Meanwhile, the bitumen separates from the dilutant and sinks to the bottom.”

the video here is worth watching. It puts the insanity into a bigger picture:http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26315908/vp/47123988#47123988

Be sure to visit:http://www.freedomtrain2012.com/


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