“jenkem is so awesome. its not just a drug, its a lifestyle. a jenkem lifestyle.” -spartan



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2007-06-07, 17:58



Originally Posted by pickwick View Post

Ok today I set it up and put the bottle in the hot sun. My friend took pictures of the all of the steps. First I shit in the bottle, then pissed in it. I took a balloon and stretched it over the top to catch all of the gases. Now I will wait a few days and hope the balloon fills up.

2007-06-08, 20:18



Originally Posted by pickwick View Post

Hey everybody, time for an update. The bottle is on my porch at the moment. All day I let it sit in the hot sun and surprisingly the balloon has actually inflated a little bit. It is kind of standing up and has some gas in it. The shit on the bottom has bubbles floating on it. No pictures though, my mom took the camera to my brother’s prom. Thanks for your support everyone, tomorrow if the balloon is big enough then I’m going to do some jenkem!

2007-06-09, 15:32



Originally Posted by pickwick View Post

I took some pictures of the progress. The shit on the bottom has seemingly turned to sludge and mixed with some piss to make a layer on the bottom. The layer is softer than just shit, I swished the bottle around and it moved. Above that one there is a layer of dark piss that has some shit in it. There is a steady stream of tiny bubbles moving up from the shit sludge layer through this layer. The balloon on top has inflated more since last night. I put a new label on the bottle because the last one got rained on. The glass inside the bottle has a coating of water from evaporation inside the bottle.

2007-06-13, 12:55



Originally Posted by pickwick View Post

Well today I finally did it. I became probably the first person in America to huff his own shit gas. No video though, sorry, no camera. I hope you are not too disappointed. I could bet pictures though and I wrote a trip report.
Today the bubbles had mostly stopped. The balloon had possibly grown a little bit since last time but it was oblong from days in the sun or maybe from the gases inside so it was hard to tell. The shit in the bottle was very settled and did not look like shit anymore even.
I first lightly shook the bottle to make sure all of the bubbles had popped. I then pinched off the balloon and took it off of the top. I held that while I huffed from the bottle. After exhaling all air from my lungs I took my straw and inhaled from the inside of the bottle. The flavor of shit struck me, it stuck to the tongue like the flavor after smoking a cigar. My body wanted me to stop breathing it but I kept going by putting the end of the straw further back in my mouth, behind my tongue. I took a some more breaths of that and I waited a few seconds, then inhaled the balloon. The balloon was less harsh, I could barely taste any of it and it felt like breathing oxygen.
After breathing it in I immediately felt that I was passing out. I did not even have time to spit before I became unconscious. When I woke up my spittle had oozed out of my mouth and down my chin. I asked my friend how long I was out for. He said for about a minute, and that he had repeatedly tried to wake me but I would not wake up. During this short conversation I began to feel light dissociative effects come over me, accompanied by buzzing in my ears. The feeling got stronger and stronger until I felt like I was in a dream. This was somewhat enjoyable, it made me feel like nothing really mattered. The apathy actually made the rest of the trip more enjoyable.
After I was fully into the dream like state visual hallucinations began to start. I had fleeting visions of people who seemed completely random, like my second grade teacher. I would say something to the person and then he or she would disappear. Normally I would be fearful of trips like this but the dream feeling made it almost fun. Hearing was dulled during the trip, I could only hear what I was saying and some random noises like screeching and car noises. After I the effects wore off my friend told me that I was mostly talking in gibberish so I guess I couldn’t hear my own voice anything in the outside world throughout the trip. At the peak of the trip I saw things like pillars in my lawn that disappeared and shapes in the sky. My sense of time was slowed, so the whole trip felt like it was shorter than it was.
The comedown was mostly auditory hallucinations, like voices and loud cracks. The dream like feeling lessened and I drifted back into reality. In the last parts of the trip I became paranoid from the noises because it felt real instead of like a dream. I asked my friend how long it had been. He said about 40 minutes. He also told me that I spent long periods of time staring at different spots. I also, according to him, spoke slurred works to trees and rocks. I was very surprised by how messed up the jenkem got me. That was higher than I have ever been. Other drugs distort reality, but jenkem really distorts reality. I was almost completely unaware of my surroundings. My friend said that seeing me was scary and he was thinking of getting an adult. Thank god he didn’t do that.
In conclusion: was it enjoyable: no, not really. Would I do it again? Defiantly not. Would I recommend another person to try it? I wouldn’t to anyone who I am close to. If you are very adventurous and would try anything then I guess you should try jenkem. But know that the preparation is not made worthwhile by the trip.





Mami, ¿Sabías que pude hacer mi propio Jenkem?

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  1. jenkem is so awesome. its not just a drug, its a lifestyle. a jenkem lifestyle. I’ve popped the biggest boners while on this shit(pun intended). If jenkem was a woman…i would fuck that woman…then procede to inhale her farts.

  2. Going for my third round of Jenkem tonight. I hope i get to see some more of my dead relatives. I think i would kill myself if someone told me i couldnt use Jenkem anymore.

  3. There is no way to spin it: Sniffing your own crap fumes is not “adventurous,” it’s f***ing GROSS.


    What the hell.


  4. Dudes, I did a wad of Jenkem last night and i saw my uncle timmy bummer that used to molest me… i woke up and i was shoving a pencil into my butthole but it felt real fine and dandy, like candy… i am a jenkem fanat! police beware, we sniff our own farts and it on like donkey kong… viva jenkem for life.

  5. i totally got shitblasted this morning. i got so hi that i saw jesus riding a donkey…but then when i cam down i saw that it was actually just the gardener giving it to my mom in the ass. she winked at me with that little brown eye.

    suburbs fo life yo. jenk this nig!

  6. I just learned about Jenkem this morning….It is a very disturbing new trend.My only fear is if it becomes mainstream,they make shitting illegal.How will we live if we cannot shit in private,becuase some dumb ass kids from middle America had to go and ruin things like they always do..

  7. How far does your head have to be up your ass to try something this low budget? You guys just pushed smackheads and crackheads up the ladder a notch. Welcome to the bottom of the foodchain, assholes!

  8. Message to the dude. I think people look to find legal ways to get high. Because when you have some bogus organization like DEA you take away the real responsible drugs, like for say MARIJUANA. You see marijuana is not dangerous, like say for instance alcohol. So you confuse people when you make something safe illegal, and then on top of spread lies about it.
    So now whats the DEA going to do. You can take glue or aerosol cans away from kids, but can you make it illegal for them to take a shit and inhale it?
    Bottom line legalize marijuana and you won’t have people sniffing shit.

  9. Are your lives that horrible that you have to sniff your shit and piss to feel good about urself? Remove ur head from ur assholes and look at what your doing top urselves.

  10. OMG there sniffing sh!t fumes!!! How Hard Up do you have to be to sniff sh!t fumes!!! Parents you better watch out, your kids are out of control! Maybe you should have stuck with corporal punishment, instead of Ritalin

  11. GET A LIFE LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. You people bring a bad name to todays youth and people that do drugs. You are completely fucked in the head. What would posses you to do this. If you want to get high, go buy some real drugs. You need to be removed from the gene pool and i pray that you dont reproduce, because the last thing we need is more people with your intelligence in this world. Fucking grosse sons of bitches.!!!

  13. you guys are crazy..what is this world coming to that you have to sniff your own shit to get high. i think you have just put yourself on the same level as an animal. like monkeys, but they just throw shit. i think you need to take a step back and realize what you are doing to your bodies and what life could possibly hold for you in the future. get a grip and grow up.

  14. Ummmmm, I’m glad kids are finally gaining awareness to the amazing effects of Jenkem. I have been manufacturing/using Jenkem since the early 60’s. I now own 7 Jenkem factories and have a net worth of 3 maybe 4 digits.

  15. Wow, half of the people that are freaking out about the comments that people are doing Jenkem are the real assholes. Obviously they are fuckin kidding. You obviously take shit way too seriously. Idiots.

  16. Well first of all thats not right and second of all if the government just lowered the drinking age to 13/14 we wouldnt have stupid kids getting high of fecal waste

  17. Do your eyes turn brown if they’re blue?…
    Or do you just turn into a shithead like the other people doing this crap…
    As if huffing paint wasn’t bad enough…
    I’m sure everyones breath must smell delightful…

  18. Wow, are you people really serious, this is by far one of the craziest things that I have heard. Go see a counselor or something, find out what the real problem is so you don’t have to shit in a bucket and inhale it to get away from the world.

  19. My local news just exposed Jenkem as a hoax. They even used this webpage as an example. Those who are claiming to have tried it and gotten high off it are totally full of… well, crap!

  20. jenkem is NOT A JOKE. not a hoax. i heard about a few days ago online…tried it this morning. im still trippin and the taste is horrible.

    do not try this shit.
    smoke bud

    i saw visions of an elephant stomping on me and i really felt the pain atleast i thougt i did.
    ive tried acid, shrooms, but this is the worst.

  21. Wow you guys bring a whole new meaning to (crack)head the part about the crack was never ment to be taken literally and for that think you should reconsidder whacky tabbaci cuz thats just gross bud

  22. You people are the nastiest fucking people on the planet. Quite possibly in the entire universe. I can’t believe that you have resorted to huffing your own shit and piss! This is an all time low for you nasty assholes. Who the hell came up with this one? I couldn’t believe it when I heard what America’s youth have resorted to doing. I decided to google the damn thing and here I am reading about this crap!! Literally!! Did some guy just decide after taking a dump, that the steam rising from his pile of dung could be huffed and marketed to the SAA??? (Stupid Assholes of America)..what is wrong with all of you? If you have nothing better to do, go get a fucking job so you’re not waiting around for your shit to steam in the hot sun! Better yet you can work at the sewage plants where you live so you can inhale the town’s fermented sewage!! or Go to fucking Iraq and get an RPG shoved up your asses instead! Hey there’s a cool idea, or go find the end of the earth and jump the fuck off cause it’s the “thing to do”!!! I hope all you stupid mother fuckers that think that huffing your own shit is a cool new drug, die from your own stupidity from all of the diseases that you can get from fecal matter. YOU STUPID ASSHOLES

  23. Ya have to let the shit ferment first!!!!!! The mixture of shit to piss is really important if you want to really trip balls and ride a stampede of wild elephants down main street and through the front windows of wall mart.

    Don’t make it too watery like in the pictures unless you plan to drink some. Some of my friends like to huff that shit, drink a little to get all crazy, then rub the rest all over their balls and shit. Then they go off and run down to the mall and trip on all that. Now security is on to them and they go to wall mart or home depot and hang with the mexican bro’s

    Its a real blast, you old fuckers should try some! you know you want to, It will set your boring sex life off like you won’t believe!

  24. Jenkem is NO JOKE! I went to a “butthash” party with some co-workers after work one night and this dude Toby pulls out a 2 liter of “ice tea” and said he needed something to take the edge off. At first I told them to f-off no way I was doing that sick stuff. After a few beers though I gave in and took a huge rip off this balloon and within 12-15 seconds I was stoned to the bone. I started seeing tracers and then it was an all out mystery- I was back in my high school gym playing basketball with Manute Bol and that guy Cody from Step By Step. The high lasted about 30-45 minutes and the taste was no joke. My breath tasted like stale farts and no matter what I drank it tasted like a foamy, dry piss with a hint of fart. After a few hours the high was totally gone this guy says he’s got a special blend from the Nelson twins down the road. Apparently the Nelsons are fat ginger kids that eat cabbage and hot dogs and sell their own Jenkem from their treehouse. I took a small hit of the Nelson cocktail and immediately passed out. I came to and I was naked in someone’s closet and had taken a dump in the corner. My breath tasted like butt-piss and for some reason my balls really hurt. I was seeing wierd things like naked boys and men playing air hockey. Then they stop the air hockey and dance to that 99 Red Balloons song. There was a lot of other crazy visions but I can’t remember them all. As the high wore off I felt more and more relaxed and realized what a good thing those Nelson boys had going. The greasy taste of butt isn’t cool but the visuals and euphorics are worth it if you like a good high… POINT IS this is a serious “drug” and be ready when you do it, but then again there’s nothing it. I hope butthashing stays legal for years to come.

  25. My bro out in L.A. gets his huff from an old chinese man that lives in china town. This guy eats really traditional chinese food and takes a lot of herbs. This shit is no joke! one draw off that balloon and everything turned crouching tiger hidden dragon on me. all of a sudden i was in this magical spinning pagoda land jumping and running across roof tops. these crazy laughing buddha warriors were chasing me around and sometimes they would get inside my head and give me really wacked out visions. it seemed like the universe was laughing at me and running around screaming naked. when I finally came down i woke up naked in a mexican restrant closet on alvaro street with the magic jenks all over me and guacamole all rubed over my sore balls and ass.

    tribe of teh jenkies

  26. I’m really dissappointed with all of this, but the saddest thing is that you guys never cease to surprise with your antics. I would ask why but I honestly think that I really don’t want to know; because no matter you’re personal reasoning be it stressful lives, lack of self-esteem, or sheer boredom with it all the fact is that this jenkem business boils down to what you don’t have in your life. One is a clear purpose and desire to be successful in life and the other is a relationship based on love with the one and true God who has a plan for you life that is much better than inhaling waste or any other drug. Let’s Get Real Folks.

    email me @ if you want 2 talk.

  27. For all of you that feel the need to judge those of us who do jenkem. I would like you to go fuck yourselves in every orifice with an mgl 142 grenade launcher. You just don’t realize the actual pertinence of jenkem to today’s society. Jenkem for us is like food and water to you. We require it for survival. It makes life worth living. My ability to get high off my own shit has given me a renewed sense of self-worth and importance. After doing jenkem, i realised that what i want to do with my life, is become a powerful political leader in america. “Jenkem: fuel for progress and industrialisation in today’s society.” That will be my slogan.

  28. I hope it is true and druggies really can get high off their own shit. It’s gonna put out of business a lot of goverment backed drug rings. And it’s free. It’d serve all those evil cunts at the top of the drug empires right if no one bought their drugs. Crime would go down as addicts wouldn’t have to steal for their next fix. Go on druggies sniff shit, you know it makes sense.

  29. I highly support the Jenkem youth culture. I am a professor of bio-ethics at Princeton, and for years (though no one has paid attention until recently) have been saying that this practice instills a reverence for nature and teaches practical, eco-friendly methods of intoxicating oneself.

    Desire for intoxication is, I believe, an indicator of a highly evolved species, and discovering that it is possible to get high off of excrement fumes has signified a further step of evolution in our race.

    I myself have done jenkem for many years, albeit I never coined any name for the drug, other than just plain “poop.” I have had many great visions while on this blessed mixture, and even composed my graduate thesis under its influence. And here I am today. Jenkem is the wave of the future.

    Blessed be.

    -P. Singer

  30. I don’t know what makes me the most nervous, the fact that people are talking about inhaling the vapors from feces and urine or the fact that some of you folks obviously believe they are doing it. You all need to grow up..

  31. I hope all of you butt-huffers die of Hepatitis spawned from your own shit.

    evolution certainly has brought us a long way, you retarded fucks

  32. I just brewed a batch of some serious hallucinogenic jenk. Has anyone paid attention to what they’re eating to produce the high quality shit? I haven’t been eating anything except Halloween candy for about a week now and that seems to be the secret, this was the best batch of shit I’ve ever sucked I’m a serious as sucking jenk freak. All these fools on here that putting us down are working for dope dealers, trying to keep us hooked on an unnatural high. I hope this is what heaven is going to be like. God wants you to suck your rancid shit and piss stew…Thank you Jesus!

  33. So long as Jenkem is legal, I’ll be selling it. The “craze” isn’t as big as people think, but there are some folks out there (in their late teens to early 20s) who I know have rather enjoyed it. To be blunt, I think it’s fucking disgusting. None the less, I’m willing to do business with people who want a good j-bomb. I’ve been working on a few different batches with some positive feedback.

    Fort Myers will be Fort Jenkem by the end of 2008!

  34. One is a clear purpose and desire to be successful in life and the other is a relationship based on love with the one and true God who has a plan for you life . . .

    And that is Jahnkem, the one true God. His message of love, his message is given to all who eat, and if you live, you have the power within! Feel the power of Jahnkem within, and be healed! Jahkem is life!

  35. One is a clear purpose and desire to be successful in life and the other is a relationship based on love with the one and true God who has a plan for you life that is much better than inhaling waste or any other drug.

    Successful in life? How? What the hell does that mean, do you have a scale by which you grade all people, your extra-refined, Yahweh-strength judgeometer? How sad. I bet you didn’t even choose the parameters yourself. To measure any man with any degree of “life success” degrades all humanity in the eyes of the imaginer.

    To choose to play neither role, to be a man of your own, constrained by no archetypes, choosing your own ideas, and living in your own world, the idyllic true peace, the paradise of the earth for which man was inteded, the natural freedom of . . . JENKEM!

  36. I was like you once, stuck in my sober realm of non-jenkitude. I believed that my job, my car, my girlfriend could define me, but jenk set me free from all that. Jenkem is the only airline I will fly. It’s first class. (Without the C or the L)It’s the best thing that’s ever happaned to me. I thank God every day for my asshole. And my nostrils. And my lungs. And this website.

  37. Are you people for real??….If you are how disgusting! IT’S CALLED “WASTE” FOR A REASON…OUR BODIES DON’T WANT OR NEED IT!!!

    Seriously, gross. I would hate having one more “drug” to worry about people being on while driving as I transport my kids in my vehicle… Seriously, I’d hate to see pictures of kids whoe were killed by people driving under the influence of shit”…..morons!!

  38. I recently tried jenkem for the first time My neighbor James Lawson sold it to me and he said it’s 10 times better then shrooms.
    James is a 43 year old slightly overweight Jamaican man who is bisexual and a convenience store clerk. I brought it home and my boyfriend and I both sniffed it I passed out for a minute then I awoke to my boyfriend shitting all over the place I was immediately aroused and I started eating out his butthole and everything that came out. I started hallucinating and it felt like I was in a chain and mandingo was behind me but I awoke and James was slamming me from behind and my boyfriend still couldn’t get his butthole to stop. Since then I told all my friends and Jenkem is now a big problem hear in the small gay community of Hartford, Connecticut. However Jenkem was like the coming of the messiah my mouth tasted like shit for a week but the threesome was totally worth it if you do Jenkem I would reccommend having sex after gay or straight, but especially gay.

  39. This shit is the rawest tightest high i’ve ever experienced (even better than Heroin!) I like to iv some Jenkem and get the strongest rush off it and im actually starting to like the disgusting shit/ass piss smell. Be careful fo realz playas cause once you try this there is no turning back. Dude last time i shot up poop i saw paul mccartney sucking on john lennons ballsack and both of them were tripping it was raw!!!!!

  40. oh my God…
    people are really inhaling their own/other peoples shit. thats kinda disturbing and really fuckin gross. i think who ever the hell is doing this should go smoke a blunt. im saying, im down for an awesome high, but i would NEVER go this far. i hore your all just kidding cuz its really fucking sad. but thanks cuz now i know a way to make myself look better at rehab =] good look you nasty sons of bitches

  41. you guys are fucking retards i mean how could you even thinkn of sniffing your own crap its like your degrading yourself to feel good. everyone who does jenkem can go die in hell you guys are retards

  42. Anyone who does jenkem should immediately be shot in the head and put out of their misery. God forbid I see anyone in real life doing this, for I will kill the vile worm on site.

  43. Keep this on the D/L, I just mixed up a big batch of Jenkem, I mixed in the droppings of many animals and about a weeks worth of urine. This shit knocked my socks off. I told this kid it was helium, he went to make his voice squeaky and took a massive huff, dude passed out forward and chipped his teeth (his bad) he woke up speaking in tongues and making prophesies. I will warn right now the fucking taste will stick with you for many days. I catch it in really high quality balloons and put them right into the freezer, I been getting $25 per balloon like hot cakes. Jenkem is big business.



  45. I tried jenkem last night. There’s nothing wrong with sniffing your own fermented shit. We’re a wasteful society. So why not be a little resourceful and make good use of what would otherwise be flushed down the toilet? Jenkem is the solution to global warming.

  46. I have been butthashing for about a month now and it’s an unbeatable high. Screw all you doubters out there butthashing is another form of recycling and not to mention cheap. If you get your diet just right and do some controlled and safe experimenting, each high is just right and is much safer than other drugs out there. Just because inhaling it grosses some of you out think about putting a needle in your veins. Jenkem haters are just scared cause they don’t know.

  47. Man, I sell my jenkem to my friends! They love my jenkem. At first they didn’t know about my jenkem buthen they smelled it. Woo I couldn’t stop them from smelling my glory hole.


    If the ground hasn’t friezed yet, dig a hole and bury some batches in the ground.

    A better idea is to just shit and piss in the tub and keep a heater in there, experiment with the temp, but I suggest keeping it somewhere between 75 and 80 degrees.

  49. What is wrong with some of you people like really I live in Canada and i just was told about this shit smelling to get high I don’t think any of my friends would ever do something so gross in there life but hey I guess it just takes a few stupid people to try something and then everyone is doing it…. I just hope it stays out of Canada

  50. havent any of you heard of normal drugs put 20$ in and buy some pot or even coke but you all want to suck on shit while maybe youll start drinking it thats how alchoal is made

  51. wow….thats all pretty much, just wow. You guys are literally the most worthless piles of your own shit ive ever seen, read, encountered or just heard about. Getting high on your own shit? READ A FUCKING BOOK . stick a bottle up your ass? WTF. Get a hobby that doesnt include sniffing what a toilet boasts as dinner. If i could just meet one of you fucktards i would take your fucked up drug and punch it through your fucked up face. That’s all…ya dumbasses

  52. I have a suggestion for all of you butthashers out there. Theres something that gives even a bigger high!! Heres what you do…You first take a bullet, then put it into the chamber of pretty much any lethal gun…then after that you place the gun by your head and or butt, where this drug originates, and pull the fucking trigger! That way society wont have to smell your fucked up shenanigans. Wouldnt all of your parents/ neglective fuck ups of parental units be proud! Just do me a favor….step back for one second….you are getting high on your fecal fucking matter. Fucking ridiculous.

  53. This one is for all of you jenkem dealers out there.. So i guess this is what american capitalism has come to huh? This is what Adam Smith proposed eh? So when people ask you…hey dude how do you make money…you say, correct me if im wrong, ” I take a shit in a bottle, mix it with my piss, cover it with a balloon to capture the sweet ambience of my fecal systems, and sell them on the street. Hey kid my shit is WAAAYY better than that guys shit cuz i eat real good food. Yeaaaaa you should be so proud…immitating a third world fucked up drug and selling it. Get a real fucking job you shitheads (pun fucking intended). Seriously if you dumbasses die from sniffing your own shit…i hope everyone laughs at your funeral, think abbbbout it. Your obituary will read….
    RIP Johnny Dumbass…Poor johnny was just a curious fuck up that decided to jump on the shit-smelling bandwagon of jenkem…all he wanted was a cheap high so he basked in the aroma of his fecal matter…so unexpectadly johnny died by shitting himself in the most embarrasing way

  54. I tried jenkem for the first time last night and I have to say it was the most amazing feeling that I have ever experienced. I wanted the high to be extra special so I ate spicy mexican food and sushi with vinegar for 3 days. This proved to be a lethal combination. After I inhaled the fumes and passed out, I woke up and immediately started removing my clothes until I was wearing just my shoes. Then shit got fucked up. I casually walked into my neighbor’s front door and started digging a hole in her sofa with daffy duck. We then proceeded to meet up with my dead aunt and go skiing on the wheel of fortune. As I came down I kept hearing whispers and loud bangs that sounded like gunshots. I woke up on the roof of a car 25 miles from my house in downtown San Francisco. I had 2 pantlegs on my arms taped to my head and someone had rubbed mustard inside my butthole and in between my toes. For all you adventurous people I highly recommend this method of intoxication

  55. As far as your entry is concerned, you are a prime example of the waste of matter that this world sometimes has. That fucked up high that you explained almost had me eating myself to death you stupid son of a bitch. How the fuck is that shit fun. Walking around stripping yourself and having mustard in your fucking anus? Your some kind of fucked up. Want to know what else is fun? a fucking video game…yea why not just chill with your imaginary friends instead of getting HIGH OFF OF YOUR OWN ASS HOLE. Just read what you did when you were high and try to tell me it was fucking fun. Next time when your high on your shit…i hope you wake up under my tires you dirty fucked up dill hole.

  56. I honestly cant believe how incredibly retarded you all are. I want you to sit there and think…wow I’m suckin on my own shit. Seriously, if I saw somebody capture a snow crane with an umbrella while riding on a salamander, I would think to myself, “Wow, that makes a lot more sense than fucking Butt Hash!” I also hope that this somehow makes your sperm count go way down so that you are unable to reproduce and you can not pass on your shit sniffing genes!

  57. Mental retardation is a term for a pattern of persistently slow learning of basic motor and language skills (“milestones”) during childhood, and a significantly below-normal global intellectual capacity as an adult. One common criterion for diagnosis of mental retardation is a tested intelligence quotient (IQ) of 70 or below and deficits in adaptive functioning.
    People with mental retardation may be described as having developmental disabilities, global developmental delay, or learning difficulties.

  58. Hey fuck tard butt hashers,

    I got to thinking about that comment that Meetcok made. All that spicy shit and all that nonsense with the mustard up his ass. Well the more that I thought about it, I started to get all hot and hard, I decided to squirt some mustard on my cock and jerk off. It got so spicy hot that it burned a little, because I used grey pupon. This all got me to thinking about trying some jenkum my self. To tell the truth I started a batch as soon as I read about all your trips. I bought some from a chinese guy that had special herbs and cabage in it. I just want to say that after that, mustard wasn’t the only thing I woke up with up my ass! Thats all I’m saying!

  59. you guys are a bunch of low life ass sucking fucks. there are so many good drugs out there and you fucks want to huff your own shit and maybe even your homeboys shit. get a fucking life and a girlfriend. and grow the fuck up you guys bring a new meaning to “scum of the earth” that’s fucking sick shit man. if you ever get laid and have kids i hope they do this stupid “butthash” and all fucking die from a massive stroke or hepatitis from sniffing their own shit. you guys should go ahead and do you parents a favor and kill yourself and stop wasting their hard-earned money to feed your dumb ass. your fuckin stupid

  60. I tried this shit last night. Two different batches. My girlfriend is a vegetarian and I been stealing her turds and stashing them. I eat nothing but meat based junk food. Her jenkem was a little more of an organic high and mine was the shit!!! This shit is fucking amazing. I had a vision where a limo pulled up to me, the window rolled down and Mr Hanky wearing a pimp suit laughed at me. Then he told me that I now had a purpose in life.

    I was a worthless asshole before last night. Now I am somebody … Thanks Jenkem!

    1. True Story. A solo 5 day backpacking adventure in high altitude turned into a life threatening 17 day quest for survival after losing my way due to continuous overcast night skies, which deterred celestial navigation. Within a flash I had been out 7 days and knew I was in bad trouble. Having run out of water, I had resorted to eating snow. Day 10 came quickly and with only two high protein bars and a tin of tuna left for consumption there seemed to be only one reliable option left, Jenkem. Getting tuned up on Jenkem was my only hope for salvation. Setting my brain to automaton with potent psychedelic ease had never failed to get me out of the woods. I salvaged the little fecal matter that I was still producing over a two day period into a gallon water jug and splashed a little dehydrated urine into the mix in order to loosen up the stool. The two day fermentation process was torture to watch, knowing that within arms reach was the panacea to my mishap. Patience though, a diluted mix would certainly spell disaster. Near capitulation late on day 12 I took a small wiff and boy was this some heady shit. What a tease. Finally, mid afternoon on day 13 it was time to toot some butt hash. The first rip was incredibly potent (perhaps high altitude or near dehydration?), before I could catch my balance I was higher than a nigger on a slave ship trying to read and vomiting profusely. I added continiously to the jug whenever I could muster the strength and never looked back. I was high on Jenkem constantly for 3 days and on the 4th day emerged unscathed from the wilderness, still blasted on Jenkem. Jenkem saved my life. I’ve tried to duplicate the mix, but unfortunately I came down sick with an illness referred to as “hairy tongue” before success was achieved.



  63. Девочки здоровья вам!
    Готовлюсь к борьбе за красоту! 😉

    Посоветуйте, какой вы сильной косметикой или кремами пользуетесь?
    Перелистала все форумы в интернете, ваш самый полезный, вот решила спросить…

    Заранее спасибо!

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